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We are a white-glove influencer community that unites
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Let us tell story for your brand
Grow with brands

Brands which you love. Opportunity to grow with the brand of your choice, brand which you love and believe in. It will help you to grow personally and professionally, with just apply with one click for the offers created by the marketer or the brand.

Earn with time

Real time Opportunity to get offers from the good brands, and having the freedom to choose form bunch of offers on Infludio of your own choice. And growing your position as influential person and your incoming as influential marketer.

Story for your brand

Let us tell the story for your brand through a great community of influencer's on our Infludio. Just by creating offers in less than 2 minutes, and let the rest of magic happen by its own.

What you get

Influido goes past reach and clicks to continuous engagement and conversations that drive commerce, giving you metrics that matter and align with your business goals, such as: attracting new customers, increasing repeat purchases, driving customer loyalty, maximizing customer lifetime revenue. Influido resonates with your audience and it lives on beyond traditional ad spend, and is designed for longtail impact.


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What people say about influido

  • It's really an amazing platform for influencers. Really excited to see more and more influencer to onboard influido. I would strongly recommend to every influencer to join.
  • Awesome platform. Opportunity for every influencer to collabrate with the big brands and do good, an option to choose of own choice is awesome.
  • Open marketplace for every Digital Marketer, PR agencies and Digital Marketing Companies to get started with influential marketing.
  • Simple and easy to use social influential marketplace, helping both the brands and influencers to collabrate easily from remote.
  • I could hardly resiist myself from influido when it comes to influential marketing, nice platform. Love to use it for marketing.